Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is A Mess (But Not A Total Disaster) | Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

Is Ghost Recon Breakpoint worth it? It’s a messy game with rough edges, but not a total disaster, as Matthew explains in his Ghost recon Breakpoint review. Oh, and why not check out our Rock Paper Shotgun Displate store, to help support the channel. Click here:

Our Breakpoint review took a little longer than expected as we wanted to get to the end of the game and properly explore the loot cycle and how the full campaign holds up. Turns out it’s quite one note: lots of sniping in massive bases, but for some people that will be enough. This is a Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC review – we’ve heard performance is pretty messy on console, so do be aware this is all PC gameplay.

If you saw our Ghost Recon Breakpoint impressions from last month you’ll know we were excited for the game ( – it seemed to be a more interesting solo experience and the introduction of drone threats keep you on your toes. The final game is more like Wildlands than we first thought – a very similar rhythm of going to bases, spotting everything with a drone and choosing to shoot everything with up to three co-op pals. It doesn;t reinvent the wheel. The gear score that accompanies the loot has little impact on your performance and the survival elements are easily ignored. It’s a pretty straight sequel.

Of course, we do find the game more fun with better toys, which is why we have a Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips video to help people get to the good stuff. It’s here: If you’d rather not use cheesy tactics, the game is pretty accommodating – we recommend bumping difficulty up to at least advanced and play on non guided mode for a more interesting experience. GHost Recon Breakpoint AI is hardly a super genius on any difficulty setting, so you can at least make their lead sting a bit.

We talk about playing Breakpoint solo and the game’s microtransactions. Have people overstated how aggressive the MTX are? Matthew thinks so, though is still really unimpressed with the spread of cosmetic purchases that can be made. There’s plenty you don’t have to pay for in the wider world. Still, Ghost recon Breakpoint microtransactions have come to dominate the conversation – there is fun to be had under all that extra nonsense.

I hope you enjoy this Ghost Recon Breakpoint review. If you have any questions not answered by the video, pop them in the comments. Want to know which weapon Matthew favoured? Maybe you just want to know how long is Ghost Recon Breakpoint? And if you enjoy our PC game reviews, why not watch more. Here are some picks from recent months:

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